Lahore University of Management Sciences


Syed Babar Ali School of Science and Engineering


The Department of Biology is committed to excellence in both teaching and research. In addition to offering a rigorous curriculum, the department has state-of-the art laboratory facilities which are used to impart hands-on training to its students and for carrying out research. At present there are five full-time faculty members who are actively developing independent research programmes in their respective areas of specialisation.


The world-class research-active Chemistry faculty is at the forefront of addressing key issues of global and local relevance. These include faster and cheaper drug development; cleaner, sustainable and economical energy production and storage technologies; safer air and drinking water as well as manipulating nanotechnology for solving health, environment and energy related issues. These challenging goals are being achieved through a focused research on thermoelectric materials, formable and hard coatings, functionalised polymers for solar cells and fuel cells applications, organometallic catalysts, and functionalised nanomaterials for applications in disease diagnostics and treatment (drug delivery), catalysis, optics, nanoelectronics and environmental remediation. Our research activities strongly emphasise the commercial and industrial applications of materials and actively promote and participate in developing industry academia collaborative research projects.


Fundamental physics has very strong ties with the human society. Most of the technological advances in the twentieth century have been shepherded by a strong understanding of our physical surroundings. This understanding relies on an intuitive appreciation of our material and energetic surroundings, shaped and fortified by generations of keen observers and brilliant scientific thinkers, who describe physical reality in the sophisticated language of mathematics and an awareness that is developed by the often concealed hand of sophisticated instrumentation. There is a wide spectrum of research being carried out by the department, reflecting the diversity, promise and strengths of our programme.

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